10 Signature Regional Recipes -- from the Rockies to the Deep South

Cobb Salad
Cobb salads have all the California goodness in them.
Cobb salads have all the California goodness in them.

A premier California salad, the Cobb salad incorporates strong flavors and fresh ingredients to make a main-dish salad you can really look forward to. Named for its creator Bob Cobb, the owner of Hollywood's Brown Derby restaurant, this unique salad was originally a late-night snack that tasted so good it landed on the menu. That was in 1937, and since then, it has become a national treasure. If you love avocado, hardboiled eggs, bacon, chicken, fresh greens and strong cheese, the classic Cobb is sure to become a favorite at your house [source: Murphy].

The recipes below will give you a taste, but you can also experiment with your local cheeses, like Roquefort or bleu cheese. Don't forget to explore the flavors and textures of your produce department, too, and build your salad on a delicate bed of watercress, chicory and romaine.