10 Sophisticated Variations on Your Favorite Childhood Foods

Grilled Cheese

What kid passes up grilled cheese? This simple sandwich appeals to anyone who loves melted cheese and toasted bread. It's become a standard childhood staple, but you can still enjoy this basic treat as an adult, even if your culinary tastes are more refined now.

First, start with the most important ingredient: cheese. Kraft cheese slices might work for children, but you're going to have to up the ante to please a sophisticated palate. The rich, exotic flavors found in Gouda, feta and goat cheese all make tasty adults-only sandwiches. If you're looking to create a high-end sandwich that recaptures the flavors of your youth, try choosing better quality American and cheddar cheeses from your local grocery store. There's a significant difference between a pricey block of sharp cheddar and the cheaper, generic slices kids tend to enjoy.

Of course, slapping an expensive cheese between two slices of Wonderbread doesn't make much sense, so be sure to pick up a distinctive-tasting artisan loaf from a nearby bakery. Freshly baked challah, sourdough or rye all work well.