10 Sophisticated Variations on Your Favorite Childhood Foods


Who doesn't get a kick out of these warm buttermilk discs? Pancakes are made even more delicious by the toppings: globs of butter and ample amounts of sugary maple syrup.

Of course, any child with a sweet tooth can tell you there's much more you can do with pancakes than drown them in butter and syrup. Fruits such as blueberries, bananas and strawberries are commonly added to the batter, as are chocolate chips. Therefore, making sophisticated pancakes is really just a matter of selecting the right ingredients -- the essential cooking process remains the same.

Try mixing something unusual, like coconut, into the batter. Coconut is distinctive but sweet enough that it complements typical pancake accompaniments. You can also create seasonal pancakes. Pumpkin pancakes make for a unique and delicious treat in the fall, and eggnog pancakes are sure to be a hit around the holidays.

As long as you're experimenting with the batter, try some alternative toppings. This breakfast classic tastes great with honey, whipped cream and powdered sugar.