10 Thanksgiving Sides No One Cares About

Gelatin Salad
Cranberries and gelatin salad. No thank you.
Cranberries and gelatin salad. No thank you.
Ross Durant Photography/FoodPix/Getty Images

Gelatin is a popular side dish or dessert, but holiday salads just aren't the place for these treats of wobbly goodness, especially on Turkey Day. To make a gelatin into a salad, fruit, vegetables or marshmallows are commonly added. We're thankful lettuce isn't involved, but seriously, who thought adding veggies to a Jell-O-like dish was a good idea? Plus, if you already have candied yams or sweet potatoes on the table, adding a gelatin salad is bit of overkill in the marshmallow department. And no, lime gelatin doesn't count as a green dish.

Without these unloved side dishes loading down your Thanksgiving table -- and later, your refrigerator -- you'll have the space to stick to foods your family will truly enjoy. While Thanksgiving is often a time where tradition is honored, it doesn't have to manifest itself in sides no one cares to eat.

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