10 Thanksgiving Sides No One Cares About

Any Green Vegetable

Many of us subconsciously believe that a table loaded with protein and carbohydrates must include something green to balance it all out. But we've got news for you, a salad covered with dressing or a green vegetable drenched in butter isn't going to make your holiday any healthier.

We often add a green vegetable as an afterthought, and they're usually one of the least-liked items on the Turkey Day table. Take lima beans, for example. These green guys are usually not very popular, even when mixed with corn to make succotash (which would then adulterate the corn). Brussels sprouts are another green vegetable that can cause violent reactions from those who are forced to eat them. Although there are some who do, in fact, enjoy Brussels sprouts, those people are few and far between, and they're most likely not your relatives. Save your guests the effort of passing the dish around your dinner table by keeping it off the menu in the first place.