10 Things Your Barista Doesn't Want You to Know

You'll Want to Put That Muffin Down
Consider a chocolate muffin a dessert treat, not a healthy breakfast.
Consider a chocolate muffin a dessert treat, not a healthy breakfast.

Your coffee shop probably doesn't carry just coffee. Most likely it offers a plethora of other delicious treats, like muffins, pastries, cupcakes and scones. It's tempting to grab a quick breakfast as you pick up your morning coffee. But think twice before you make a habit of this. We already talked about product markups, and baked goods are no different.

More importantly, though, these treats are loaded with calories and fat. Many of the items in that bakery case are over-sized, with multiple servings hiding in one big blueberry muffin. For example, take Starbucks' crumb cake. One piece of this cake contains 670 calories. 670 calories! That's more than a Big Mac, people. And a Starbucks date and oatmeal bar may sound healthy, but it's packed with 500 calories. If you're watching your waistline, you're better off passing on these.

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