10 Things Your Barista Doesn't Want You to Know

You Can Buy Pricey Drinks for Cheap

Now that you know how much your coffee shop is marking up its beverages, you might be tempted to find creative ways to save money. Turns out there are some sneaky means to getting your favorite coffee drinks on the cheap.

You didn't hear it from us, but...

  • You can order off the kids' menu if you're looking for something like hot apple cider or hot chocolate. The kid-sized portions are usually a pretty large.
  • Make "the poor man's latte." An iced latte at Starbucks is made of two espresso shots, milk and ice, and it costs around $3.50. Instead of ordering that, order a double espresso on ice, which is only about $2. Then just add milk from the condiment bar.

We warn you, though, your barista might take offense if try to beat the system. A more polite way to save a buck is to bring your own cup to the coffee shop. Many shops will give a small discount to people who bring their own reusable mugs.