10 Things Your Waiter Doesn't Want You to Know

Your waitress knows more than she may be letting on.
Your waitress knows more than she may be letting on.
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Everyone loves dining out. What's not to like about letting someone else do the cooking and enjoying creative cuisine? But while you're relaxing and enjoying a glass of wine with a favorite dining companion or group of friends, what's really going on in the kitchen?

In tough economic times, restaurants are seeking out ways to cut waste and maximize profits, and many of those practices have an effect on the food that's being served. For example, you may find it harder than ever to find a quiet little bistro for a relaxing dinner. A more stimulating environment -- bright lights, lots of color, upbeat music -- encourages quicker turnover so that more diners can be served.

And while a good waiter can help you make the most of your dining experience, it's wise to treat him or her with respect, whether you're eating at a national chain, a local pizza parlor, or the hottest restaurant in town. You may not realize it, but your waiter holds most, if not all, of the keys to a quality night out. If you treat him or her right, you could end up with a sublime dining experience.

Read on to learn the top 10 things your waiter doesn't want you to know.