10 Time-saving Tips in the Kitchen


Get Organized

There's no better way to save time in the kitchen than to have easy access to all of your tools and ingredients. Imagine how much more smoothly your culinary efforts will come together if you never have to fumble around looking for a measuring spoon, spatula or potato peeler.

One good organizational strategy is to put like items together. That way you'll have an intuitive grasp of the first place to look for a little used gadget, like the tool that plucks the stems off the strawberries, the mushroom brush or the nutmeg grater. Plot out the storage space in your kitchen and inventory all the stuff you need to find a home for. Keep sections for the most frequently used items close to the central work areas like near the stove, sink and refrigerator. If you have peripheral storage, like in a kitchen island or breakfast room, reserve it for items you use less frequently. If you only bake around the holidays, don't use valuable kitchen real estate on glass pie pans and that marble rolling pin [source: Fein].