10 Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Shop By Season

How delicious are the first foods of the season? Corn and peaches in the summer, pumpkin and squash in the fall -- each season has its own unique flavors. While produce is usually available out of season, it's cheapest when it's in season.

Take advantage of the cost savings of seasonal produce by shopping and planning meals with this in mind. For even further savings, go straight to the source and shop at a farmer's market where the produce comes straight from the farmers and eliminates shipping and processing costs. Plus, you'll be supporting local, small businesses.

You can also consider joining a farmer's co-op. Through an affordable membership fee, seasonal produce arrives at your door or designated pick-up site on specific dates. But, you usually don't know what you'll be getting with each delivery, so you have to be willing to try new foods or you'll end up wasting your money.