10 Tips for Sneaking Healthy Ingredients Into Your Kids' Favorite Meals


Bake Them In

It may seem counterintuitive to your sweet tooth, but many fruits and vegetables bake well (and unobtrusively) into cookies and other pastries. Carrots go in carrot cake, of course, and there have always been banana-nut muffins and zucchini bread. However, vegetables -- especially carrots and zucchini -- can go in a couple of recipes that might surprise you, provided you're crafty about sneaking them in. Grated zucchini, for instance, can go into chocolate chip cookies if you add a couple of extra ingredients like flaked coconut and walnuts to hide their texture. Grated carrots can even go into chocolate brownies, where they'll not only add vitamins and fiber, but make the brownie moister, all the while remaining undetectable.