10 Tips for Thanksgiving Newbies

Relax! You can do this. See more pictures of the perfect Thanksgiving turkey.
Lisa Peardon/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Thanksgiving is a great time to entertain. It's festive and there are many wonderful foods to choose from. Any cook can find something inspiring to prepare. If this is your first time wearing the Thanksgiving hostess hat, don't obsess. Even though a turkey or goose may be the biggest meat item you've ever attempted to cook, consider it a rite of passage and tackle the challenge with gusto -- or at least try to keep your terror under control. After all, Thanksgiving is one of those occasions when holiday spirit and a sense of humor will take you a long way. If you're entertaining a crowd, there'll be folks on hand to help out. Consider family and friends your sous chefs in your time of need. These easy tips will simplify meal prep and help keep your enthusiasm intact.