10 Ways to Use a Potato



Garlic -- the main ingredient.
Garlic -- the main ingredient.
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Skordalia is a classic Greek appetizer. Made from potatoes and garlic, one traditionally serves skordalia with fish or beets. But it's also great for dipping or as a spread. Chunks of pita bread or raw veggies pair well with the garlicky dish.

Skordalia is simply mashed potatoes blended with crushed garlic (from seven cloves up to an entire head!), olive oil, vinegar and salt to taste. Some recipes add lemon juice as well. Traditionally, you would have mixed the ingredients together with a mortar and pestle. But today, feel free to use your food processor for a silky smooth puree.

We've seen many variations on the basic skordalia recipe. You can boost or change the flavor of your skordalia by adding things like almonds, walnuts, water-soaked bread and even spinach. Skordalia will keep in the fridge for about two days.

Did You Know? The average American eats 134 pounds (60.7 kilograms) of potatoes a year.