10 Ways to Use a Potato


Potatoes Around the House

Use a potato to position your flower arrangement.
Use a potato to position your flower arrangement.
Vegar Abelsnes Photography/Getty Images

Potatoes also come in handy all around the house.

  • If your child is interested in arts and crafts, make a potato stamp. Just cut a potato in half and carve out a shape. Give your child an inkpad and some paper, and watch the creativity flow.
  • You can also use potatoes to help anchor flowers in arrangements. Slice off the bottom of the potato so it lies flat, then make some holes with a skewer. Insert flower stems in the holes and your flowers will stay upright.
  • You can even use a potato as a safe way to change a busted lightbulb! If your bulb breaks off in the socket, press the cut surface of a potato into the sharp edges. Then simply unscrew the broken bulb with the potato.

Did You Know? The Inca people of Peru were the first people to cultivate potatoes, back around 200 B.C.