10 Winter Vegetables Grilled to Perfection


Want to add a splash of color to your winter meals? Consider carrots, which can be grown year-round in most climate zones. Carrots are packed with nutrients like vitamin A and beta-carotene, and can be used to complement almost any type of dish. Choose baby carrots for everyday family meals, or select full-sized carrots to create a more elegant presentation at business dinners and holiday gatherings.

You can grill carrots indoors or out. When cooking indoors, try boiling the carrots until they are just beginning to soften, then grill them over medium heat for three to five minutes [source: Darsa]. Outdoors, simply wash and peel the carrots before placing them on the grill. Depending on the level of firmness desired, the carrots will take between 15 and 20 minutes to cook. You may need to use a griddle or grill basket to keep your veggies from falling through the grill.

Carrots taste great when grilled with red wine vinegar and orange zest [source: Darsa]. For a sweeter flavor, try using butter and nutmeg or cinnamon. Consider serving your grilled carrots with sliced apples or dried cranberries to add even more fiber and nutrients, along with a bit of natural sweetness.

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