Top 10 Breakfast in Bed Menus


Healthy Start

These days, getting a healthy start to your day is an important part of maintaining a fit lifestyle. Just because breakfast in bed is an indulgent treat doesn't mean it has to be a tray full of fatty meats and cholesterol. When it comes to eggs, get rid of those yolks and go with whites only. Another option is to use a pre-packaged egg substitute that you can find near the eggs in your local grocery store. Fruit, yogurt and oatmeal are all also great healthy options to serve, as are healthy cereals. Avoid pancakes, waffles and French toast, because they're typically served with sugary sauces and syrups. Also keep away from carb-heavy dishes that include potatoes and bread.

Suggested Menu:

  • EntrĂ©e: Spinach and egg white omelet
  • Side Dishes: Fresh fruit, granola, yogurt
  • Beverages: Fresh squeezed juice

For a Special Touch: Mix together yogurt with some granola and berries for a healthy parfait.

Recipes to Try: