5 Cheap Pasta Meals for Families


With deep-dish heartiness, lasagna ranks number two among Americans' favorite pasta dishes, according to the National Pasta Association's American Pasta Report. Who can resist layer upon layer of pasta and sauce, interspersed with other fillings of your choice -- ricotta cheese, ground beef, sausage or vegetables like sliced eggplant, zucchini and mushrooms -- all baked together to gooey perfection? A dish of lasagna makes up to 12 portions -- plenty of yummy goodness to satisfy even the biggest appetites.

There are lots of tasks involved in building lasagna, so it's perfect for getting your whole family involved in the meal-making process. Designate jobs like browning the meat, mixing the cheeses, layering the pasta, and spooning on the sauce.

If you find the thought of making lasagna intimidating, try this Lasagna Made Easy recipe. For a traditional taste, turn your hand to Classic Lasagna.

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