5 Dinner Party Cooking Games


Mystery Taste Test

Food and wine aficionados likely love this game, but the uninitiated can also have fun giving it a shot: a blindfolded wine tasting. Why the blindfold? According to the Web site Wine Guppy, even looking at a label can tell you something about the wine in question, and the goal is to determine everything you can from taste alone. After the wine is taken away, take off your blindfolds and write down your findings. Have a bit of bread to cleanse your palate, and then move on to the next one. Once all the choices are tasted, reveal all the wines and have everyone compare notes.

An alternate version of this game is to guess the mystery ingredients in a cooked dish. Those with a refined palette will love trying to suss out all the subtle nuances in a dish, all the way down to the oils and spices.

Do you have a well-stocked bar? Then the challenges on the next page will be right up your alley.