5 Dinner Party Table Setting Ideas


Make Use of Textiles

Think beyond just dishes and silverware.
Think beyond just dishes and silverware.

Making your table look new and different for every season can be easy when you have lots of textiles to work with. Good china is chic, but fabric is fabulous when it comes to decorating your table. If you've had problems finding the perfect tablecloth, don't buy the same old thing everyone else has; make your own. Cotton fabric is inexpensive, washable and available in thousands of colors and patterns. You can find extra wide bolts more easily than ever before. At around 108 inches wide and as long as you need, that's large enough for most applications without additional seaming. If you're allergic to sewing, try the new iron-on hemming tape. It'll make dressing your table in the latest fashions fast and easy. (Oh, and it's great for creating no fuss curtains, too.)