5 Easy (and Healthy) Dinners for Fussy Kids

She has to eat, right?
She has to eat, right?

By now, you know the drill. You prepared what you thought was a great dinner -- almost inspired. All the food groups are represented (miracle of miracles). Nothing is too spicy, too colorful, too dense or too unusual. Encouraged, you load a plate with nothing touching. It has a nice portion of white stuff like mashed potatoes or rice, a base (you hope) that will make that tiny bit of spinach (or broccoli, or carrots or squash) go down more easily. Do you get an award as the best mom ever? Heck, no. You'd think for all the head shaking, squirming and outright hollering that you were trying to perform surgery at the dinner table without anesthetic. All you want to do is finesse enough vitamins and minerals into your kid to ensure that he doesn't contract scurvy, or something equally appalling. And you thought breast feeding was a pain.

There is a way to combine peace and mealtime in the same sentence successfully, even when you're trying to provide healthy nourishment for fussy eaters. Let's throw your spouse in there, too. He's probably not much better than your kids when it comes to eating healthy. On the next pages, we'll look at five simple and healthy dinners you can prepare for a persnickety brood. Fair warning, these tips are sneaky -- but when it comes to mealtime, it's war.

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