5 Easy (and Healthy) Dinners for Fussy Kids

Meatloaf on a Bun

Yeah, yeah, we know. Meatloaf is the scourge of the dinner table. It's hard to understand how burgers (which use lots of the same ingredients) can be so popular, while the lowly meatloaf is shunned. Actually, meatloaf can be a nice stand in for a burger if you're careful. It's all about perspective. Just keep the ingredients simple. This means you should leave the horseradish and diced mushrooms for another time. Once you've slapped a basic meatloaf slice on a nice bun and added the condiments, it'll have enough burger flair to pass muster -- especially if there's a little cheese on there as camouflage.

Here's our secret weapon: Use ground turkey instead of beef. To make this work, reduce the meat volume in the recipe by around 15 percent and add a texturizer like bread crumbs that you've soaked in milk for a few minutes. Your meatloaf will be lower in fat and higher in protein than if you'd used beef. Unlike burgers, you can easily make enough meatloaf in one go for multiple meals. In a pinch, you can even cut-up meatloaf slices and add them to marinara sauce for no fuss meatballs.

Meatloaf is versatile, and once you find a recipe that works for your family, it makes for a reliable, quick, low-cost meal that'll be a useful addition to your repertoire. After a while, you can even start adding über good-for-you ingredients like oatmeal, tofu or lentils, completely concealing them in the mix. The recipes below will work as-is or can be modified pretty easily.

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