5 Easy (and Healthy) Dinners for Fussy Kids

Quesadillas and Soup
What's not to love about yummy quesadillas?
What's not to love about yummy quesadillas?

Flour tortillas filled with vegetables, meat or cheese and heated in a skillet are lifesavers. Kids are pretty accepting of flour tortillas as an alternative to sliced bread, and this sandwich variation can be prepared in 20 minutes or less. Quesadillas are also filling and customizable. Even better, tortillas, cheese and some of the other basic fixings will last a long time in your fridge, so quesadillas can be your go-to option when all else fails. We like the idea that there are low-fat alternatives for most of the popular quesadilla fixings, and if you aren't just using cheese as a filling, you can add any ingredients you know your kids will accept, like a little tomato, some black beans or a bit of shredded lettuce. When served with a simple soup, this is a nice combo for fussy eaters.

Of course, we love the idea of making soup from scratch -- hey, it isn't so hard to do. All it takes is 10 minutes prep time in the morning, and you'll have hearty homemade soup by dinnertime in your slow cooker. There are also prepackaged mixes that let you add the simple stuff like meat and fresh vegetables. However you plan the prep, kids love chicken noodle soup, and it's a good jumping off point for more challenging variations like chicken vegetable soup or minestrone. Soup and a hot sandwich, now what could be more wholesome?

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