5 Easy Cheap Dinners for Families

Omelets are a fun meal that caters to your budget.
Omelets are a fun meal that caters to your budget.

The incredible, edible egg -- it's more than just a catchy slogan; it's also an inexpensive way to feed your family. Omelets are fun meals that cater to your budget. A dozen eggs is less than $2 and can be as low as $1 per dozen on sale. As for ingredients, use what your family likes, what's on sale and what you already have in the house. Onions, tomatoes and peppers are inexpensive and go a long way when sprinkled into omelets. Have some spinach, potatoes or corn in your refrigerator? Throw them in -- the more the merrier. Shredded cheese and deli meats like ham, turkey or bologna, which are great in omelets, are also on sale regularly. These are good items to freeze and stockpile. As long as you have the eggs, it's rare that you won't have something already in your house that goes well in your concoction.

Eggs are a great source of protein, and for those cholesterol-conscious family members, you can mix fewer yolks with more egg whites to get a great taste with less concern. If you have some vegetarians in your clan, stick with cheese and veggies and everyone's happy.

Omelets are also fun. Create your own omelet station with little bowls of chopped ingredients and everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, will enjoy having the cook customize their orders.