5 Easy Cheap Dinners for Families

Individual Pizzas
Your kids will love making their own pizzas.
Your kids will love making their own pizzas.

Probably 99.9 percent of kids love pizza night. Unfortunately, even with coupons, delivery pizzas can be pricey, especially when trying to cater to individual preferences and toppings. So, why not do your own pizza night?

Using tortillas as an easy, inexpensive alternative for pizza crust, you can have a family create-your-own pizza night. Add some store-bought sauce or make your own from canned tomatoes, Italian seasoning or pizza spice, adding onions and garlic. Then, start the toppings. Use ground beef or ground turkey, or crumble bacon for your meat. Let your family choose their veggies from options like olives, sliced tomatoes, spinach onions -- the list is endless. Shredded cheese tops it off, and you've got an easy, fun dinner in the oven. You're not breaking the bank, you've made a healthy meal for your family and chances are everyone had fun. No tips, no delivery times and no problem.

Our final meal has an international flavor to it.

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