5 Fun Dinner Party Gifts for Guests

Handmade Memories

If you're a crafty person outside the kitchen, you'll probably consider making your own gift to share with your dinner guests. And who wouldn't want a handmade present to go along with a great night with friends? Fill small lace or mesh bags (available at craft stores) with lavender and dried flowers for scented drawer sachets. You can also jazz up a basic picture frame; embellish it with items such as wine corks, an assortment of buttons, strands of beads, seashells, mosaic tiles, anything that catches your eye. Just be sure to paint the frame a color that blends in with the d├ęcor you're using. And be sure to send your guests a photo from the party afterward!

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Dinner Party Invitations

Dinner Party Invitations

In order to have a party, you first need to invite some guests. Here is a great way to personalize and hand-deliver your dinner party invitations.

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