5 Great Cheap Meals for Large Families


Breakfast for Dinner

When you were young it probably seemed like a treat, but it was a smart move for money-savvy parents. Breakfast for dinner (sometimes called "brinner") is great in a pinch because when the fridge is almost empty you might still be able to scrounge up a few eggs and some bread for toast. Eggs are inexpensive in large quantities, as is fruit, bread and some kinds of sausage or bacon. Plus, there are so many variations on how to cook eggs -- fried, scrambled, on toast, folded into an omelet -- that it's easy to please everyone.

Have leftover veggies or meat for the week? Throw them in an omelet for a tasty way to keep from wasting food. A tip for making your eggs fluffier -- and stretch a little further -- is to whisk them with a little cream, milk or even water before cooking.

Pancakes, another breakfast staple, are a cheap fix too, especially if you use the mix that just requires water (which you can keep around in a sealed container for a long time). And what about French toast? Bread, eggs, syrup and perhaps a dash of cinnamon will certainly make those in your family with a sweet tooth happy.