5 Halloween Treats that Won't Pack on the Pounds

A healthy dose of pumpkin soup served in its shell can make your Halloween one to remember. Malcom P Chapman/Getty Images

Halloween brings visions of witches and goblins, Jack-o'-lanterns and black cats. But it might be best known for getting all dressed up in your favorite superhero costume or your most ghoulish creation and going door to door, getting as much candy and treats as your basket will allow. After all, Halloween is the perfect excuse for snacking on chocolate and lollipops to your hearts content without getting funny looks from your friends and neighbors.

Halloween is sugar central when it comes to treats, but you can put the brakes on high-calorie and high-fat feasting with a few clever but sensible munchies. In these modern times of counting calories and childhood obesity, there are other options for Halloween that will let the excitement linger without adding on unwanted pounds. These five categories of treats contain some easy and fun snacking options that are horrific, hideous and just plain fun. They won't take all afternoon to fix, either. With just a few minutes of prep time for most of these sensible treats, snack time at your house will be simply spooktacular. And if you're preparing these creepy treats for your monster bash, you don't have to spend your entire party in the kitchen. Well, unless your guests gobble everything up so fast you have to make more. They're just that good!