5 Halloween Treats that Won't Pack on the Pounds

Ghastly Fresh Fruit

Sure, you know you can slice up some apple wedges as an easy and nutritious alternative to candy, but the world of scary Halloween fruit design can be gruesome, creative, and best of all, quick. How about:

  • Frozen banana ghosts - White coated frozen bananas are ghostly Halloween treats that are easy to make. Peel and slice bananas in half, insert wooden sticks and freeze them on a sheet of wax paper. Roll frozen bananas in softened ice cream or yogurt and refreeze. Add eyes with icing gel or sprinkles. As a variation, sprinkle with shredded coconut before refreezing. If you want to make some classic chocolate covered frozen bananas while you're at it, this recipe will get you started: Frozen Chocolate Covered Bananas
  • Stuffed orange pumpkins - Now that you mention it, oranges do look a little like pumpkins, and you can hollow them out and decorate them just like pumpkins, too. Once you've made your orange/pumpkin masterpieces, stuff them with trail mix, fruit salad or anything else that seems appropriately gruesome.
  • Fruit brains - The classic fruit brain is a peeled and carved watermelon. If you have the time and talent, it makes a dynamic centerpiece for a party. If that sounds like too much work, invest in a brain mold (yes, you can buy them). Add fruit cocktail to your kid's favorite flavored Jell-O and mold it to make a brainy Halloween fruit salad.

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