5 Halloween Treats that Won't Pack on the Pounds

Shocking Beverages
Punch up your punch with eyeballs, hands or brains -- made of ice, of course.
Gusto Images/FoodPix/Getty Images

To dress up almost any beverage, buy specialty ice cube trays in Halloween shapes, such as bones, brains, pumpkins and skulls. They add drama to your glass, and will surely frighten your guests -- in a good way. You can also freeze juice in them to create a treat that can be enjoyed all by itself. For some added fun, place a Gummi fish or worm in the mold and it'll wriggle free as the ice cube melts in the glass. Horrifying ice cubes make a simple, low-calorie beverage an occasion to celebrate.

When you're serving a crowd, try some Ghastly Glow Punch. It's has a blood red cranberry sheen and lots of interest with fruit cutouts. It's gruesome, tasty and good for you. In your punch bowl, you can also add some plastic spiders, gummy worms, ice in the shape of eyeballs or any number of other creepy decorations. Just make sure you wash everything before you placing your picks in your punch bowl. While you do want to surprise your guests with your playful punch, you certainly don't want to make anyone ill.