5 Food Court Traps to Avoid During the Holiday Season


Find a Seat

Don't expect the food court to have this many seats.
Don't expect the food court to have this many seats.

Shopping during the holiday season can equate to double-digit hours spent on your feet. Needless to say, shopping leaves many of us exhausted. After all, it's usually difficult to find a spot to sit down. Sure, the food court offers a lot of seating, but too often it's taken. Contrary to what you might think, the food court isn't the best place to rest during the bustling holidays (especially if you're easily tempted by the unhealthy food). If you find an empty chair there, go ahead and let someone else have it. Instead, find a place to sit away from the center of activity. Indoor and outdoor shopping complexes should have benches located outside around the perimeter or at least away from the food court. Take advantage of them and enjoy the fresh air.

Another option that's often overlooked is the massage chair. You're likely to find massage chairs in pairs or a bank of three. A massage will cost less than you probably pay for a cup of coffee. So next time you see one, treat yourself. If no one is waiting to use it when it shuts off, linger and enjoy the rest (fellow shoppers can't tell when it shuts off anyway).