5 Italian Dinner Party Ideas

Pairing Party

Hosting a pairing party can be a blast! Select different Italian wines, based on varietal or region of origin and decide which foods to pair them with. White wines, for example, are generally thought to go better with seafood and pastas with cream sauce, while full-bodied red wines are well-paired with beef, chicken and aged cheeses. If you're not confidant choosing wines yourself, ask a sommelier at your local wine shop for suggestions or check bottle labels; sometimes recommended foods are included there.

Next, decide what kind of event you'd like to throw. Will you serve a five-course meal and pour a different wine to complement each course? Maybe you want to focus on profiling a series of cheeses and meats (think Italian tapas) that are well-matched to the spirits, rather than serving an entire dinner.

Adventurous drinkers may enjoy a blind taste test. Cover each of your wines in a paper sack, then pour samples and ask guests try to identify the flavors in each drink. Afterward, reveal the wines' identity and see who has the best palate!

There are innumerable other options for hosting a paring party. Your imagination is the only limit!

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