5 Kid-proofing Musts for Your Kitchen


Move Hazardous Chemicals Out of Reach

If your tot is mobile, be mindful of where you store your cleaning products. Small children are attracted to the often sweet-smelling, brightly colored bottles of soaps, pesticides and chemical solvents many of us keep underneath the sink.

While standard childproof locks on cabinet doors keep out very young children, enterprising toddlers can often get past these simple deterrents and put their hands on toxic products in just a few seconds. Therefore, it's important to take preventive measures to ensure that your little one stays out of harm's way.

Instead of keeping hazardous chemicals underneath the sink, move them -- and the childproof locks -- to a higher cabinet. If you're short on shelving space, move lesser-used items, such as china, out of the kitchen completely. Find space for china in a hall closet or even in the garage. Relegating the fancy plates to the shelf above the lawnmower may be inconvenient when the holiday season rolls around and you're using them more frequently, but that's an easy sacrifice to make for your child's year-round safety.