5 Low-Cost Ways to Get Your Daily Fiber


3. Oatmeal

Serving size: 1 cup

Approximate cost per serving (U.S.)*: 10 cents

Approximate fiber per serving: 4 grams

*Food prices vary widely; this is only an estimate based on recent U.S. averages.

While muffin-makers might have you believe otherwise, you don't need to buy an overpriced baked good to get your morning dose of fiber. Two popular breakfast foods, bran cereal and oatmeal, offer large amounts of fiber for a lot less.

Now, cereal isn't always inexpensive, but here's a secret: The store-brand bran flakes have the exact same dietary fiber as the more-expensive stuff. Still, another way to get a lot of fiber in the morning can sometimes be even cheaper: oatmeal.

One cup of oatmeal, if you buy the quick-cooking oats you prepare yourself rather than the instant, can run as little as 10 cents and offers 4 grams of fiber. That constitutes up to a fifth of your daily needs for just pennies. Add in some yummy flavorings, and you're still paying less than a quarter for a meal that puts a big dent in your fiber requirement.

Next, a food you can add to that oatmeal to boost the fiber content to even greater heights ...