5 Outdoor Dinner Party Ideas

Potluck Swap Meet

Are your closets and shelves stuffed with things you don't use any longer? Consider hosting a potluck swap meet party, and your guests can help provide the food and fun.

Ask everyone to bring a side dish or dessert, as well as one or two small items they'd like to trade, such as old housewares or books. Tag each item with the original owner's name.

In setting up your outdoor space, create four distinct areas:

  • Swapping area
  • Main course buffet
  • Drink station
  • Dessert table

Keep these areas separate to encourage mingling.

After everyone's eaten, hold your swap meet. Set parameters ahead of time:

  • Whether everyone must take home something
  • What happens if two people want the same item
  • Where unwanted items will be donated

Then stand back and share in the fun!