5 Outdoor Dinner Party Ideas

Beach Party Clambake

If a fun day at the beach leaves you famished, stake out your own little slice of beachfront property and throw a clambake. Find a section of beach where you're able to dig a fire pit to cook your meal. Traditional New England clambakes involve cooking clams, lobster, corn, potatoes and sausage in the seaweed-lined pit using hot stones.

In setting your table, use environmental elements to maintain that feel of the beach. Use a natural colored tablecloth and scatter shells on the table for decoration. Gather large pieces of driftwood for makeshift seats. Also be sure to keep any additional sides or snacks covered so that sand doesn't blow on them.

If you don't live near the beach, you can recreate the clambake experience by using a stovetop or grill-top smoker to cook your seafood feast.

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Dinner Party Invitations

Dinner Party Invitations

In order to have a party, you first need to invite some guests. Here is a great way to personalize and hand-deliver your dinner party invitations.