5 Places That Have Secret Menus

Jamba Juice
If you're feeling a little indulgent, Jamba Juice might have something for you.
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Jamba Juice has a reputation for using healthy, fresh ingredients in its shakes and smoothies. You can make them even healthier by adding Boosts, which are shots of vitamins and extracts designed to help immunity, digestion, energy and more.

But let's say you walk into a Jamba Juice feeling a little less virtuous. Do you have to settle, or can you score something that would horrify your nutritionist? Apparently, the sugar can be all yours. Most Jamba Juice locations have toppings and mix-ins more appropriate in a candy shop, such as gummy bears and Fruity Pebbles. Some of their secret menu smoothie recipes include PB&J, Strawberry Shortcake and Push Pop. Sources differ on whether the reasons for the secrecy are related to candy brand copyright infringements, or if Jamba Juice just doesn't want to tarnish its healthy rep. Either way, the sugar is under wraps -- but there for the taking if you ask.

Lots of other restaurants are rumored to have their own secrets menus, so try your luck at a few places and see what happens. Who knows what fantastical culinary wonders you'll unlock?

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