5 Recipes for Meals that Keep Well


A large pan of meatloaf is enough to serve two families, easily. Rather than let leftovers go to waste or force yourself to eat the same thing for the next few days, freeze the extras and enjoy them at a later date. Chances are the meat, spices and veggies you incorporated into the original recipe will heat up even better the second time around. Once you defrost and microwave your loaf, all you need to create a full meal are a couple of potatoes to bake in the oven and some frozen or canned veggies.

This recipe for Home-Sweet-Home Meatloaf requires only tomato sauce, brown sugar, sirloin beef, diced tomatoes and two eggs, beaten. Many chefs incorporate veggies like green peppers and onions into their meatloaves for extra flavor. Even better, this dish can be frozen for up to 6 months, giving it one of the most impressive shelf lives of all premade foods.

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