5 Recipes for Meals that Keep Well


Ah, chili -- it's a warm and friendly dish that goes well with cornbread or on top of hot dogs. Because it's often made primarily from ground beef, beans and tomatoes, chili is a cinch to make in large quantities, providing plenty of extras for freezing.

Fortunately, even a freezer can't take the spice out of chili. In fact, it'll come out of hibernation with every bit as much zing as it had in the beginning. Then, all you need are corn chips or the aforementioned cornbread to have a complete, filling and protein-rich meal.

There's an incarnation of chili to suit absolutely every appetite. In fact, it's difficult to duplicate a recipe exactly because it's always so tempting to add to or change the ingredients. This recipe for Southwest Chili requires red kidney beans, great northern beans, chopped green chilies, cumin, cilantro, chili powder, onions and a couple of large, chopped tomatoes. Spices and bean selection can be adjusted to taste, so if your family practically drinks hot sauce, feel free to go a little wild and crazy with your chili's flavor.

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