5 Renovated Recipes


The Stylish BLT

These classic sandwiches taste fresh, salty, savory, crunchy and soft all at the same time. You can't do much better for an afternoon's lunch or even an evening entree. You may think you've found the perfect blending of ingredients, but re-evaluating the players in this dish can yield an even creamier and more satisfying result.

We have some recommendations here that will amp up your BLT and make you do a happy dance. Use potato bread. This soft, flavorful bread is the perfect base for our next suggestion: thick sliced bacon. Most major bacon brands offer this option. Once you've found a ripe tomato that isn't too juicy like a Roma and some crispy lettuce (our favorite is a simple iceberg), slather on some mayo or lunch spread and a layer of sliced avocado. Avocado has a creamy texture and mild flavor that will renovate a simple BLT and give you something to celebrate. Nothing this simple ever tasted so delicious.