5 Safe Cooking Activities for Kids


Fruit and Veggie Prep

Even little sprouts can help prepare food for cooking. Washing fruits and vegetables in the sink is a great way to involve children in the mealtime prep process. What's more, it frees up the adult chef for more difficult tasks. Other veggie prep functions, such as tearing lettuce for salad, snapping green beans and shucking corn, which seem like tedious jobs to adults, are fascinating to kids of all ages. Your kids will love the many sounds, smells and textures they are bound to encounter in the process. As an added bonus, kids who normally shun vegetables are more likely to eat them if they've had a hand in the preparation process [source: Hafer]. And those who shy away from raw fruit can be enticed by peeling their own bananas and snapping the stems off strawberries for nutritious fruit smoothies. Kids enjoy filling the blender with sliced fruit, pouring in fruit juice or yogurt, and watching the ingredients morph and spin into a healthy snack.