5 Safe Cooking Activities for Kids

Frozen Fun

Even the most basic frozen treat, such as homemade fruit juice ice pops, is enough to excite a child on a hot day. A couple of ice pop molds (or even plain old ice cube trays) are all it takes to teach children how liquid freezes into solids. For chefs who wish to up the nutrition factor, many frozen recipes are available that incorporate crushed fruit, milk and yogurt. Recipes for slushies, smoothie pops or sorbets are easy options for well-supervised children to whip up.

A less healthy but completely delicious option is homemade ice cream. Whether made in larger quantities in an ice-cream maker, or as a single serving ice-cream-in-a-bag recipe, this is the perfect opportunity to encourage the development of math and measurement skills. After all, who wants to buy premade ice cream when you can make your own with carefully measured amounts of ice, milk, vanilla, sugar and kosher salt? The end product itself is a built-in reward that children and adults are sure to enjoy making and eating together.

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