Throw It In a Salad! 5 Salad Recipes That Save You Money

Go on! Be brave and dress up your next salad. See more sensational salad pictures.

Salads used to be strictly for dieting women, but that's certainly not the case anymore. Most restaurants have an entire section of their menu dedicated to salads, and more and more men are choosing to forgo their meat and potatoes for a healthier salad option. And it's no wonder, what with all of the delicious variations out there.

Salads also are a great way to use up any ingredients that are sitting in your refrigerator, waiting to go bad. You just have to imagine that a salad can be a lot more than a boring bowl of greens, topped with tomatoes, carrots and croutons. It requires a little thinking outside of the bowl, so to speak. Rarely does a single recipe use all of the produce that you have to buy at once, so finding other recipes to use up that extra lettuce is always a bottom line saver. Here are five salad recipes that will save you money by using what you already have in your fridge.