Throw It In a Salad! 5 Salad Recipes That Save You Money

Go on! Be brave and dress up your next salad. See more sensational salad pictures.

Salads used to be strictly for dieting women, but that's certainly not the case anymore. Most restaurants have an entire section of their menu dedicated to salads, and more and more men are choosing to forgo their meat and potatoes for a healthier salad option. And it's no wonder, what with all of the delicious variations out there.

Salads also are a great way to use up any ingredients that are sitting in your refrigerator, waiting to go bad. You just have to imagine that a salad can be a lot more than a boring bowl of greens, topped with tomatoes, carrots and croutons. It requires a little thinking outside of the bowl, so to speak. Rarely does a single recipe use all of the produce that you have to buy at once, so finding other recipes to use up that extra lettuce is always a bottom line saver. Here are five salad recipes that will save you money by using what you already have in your fridge.



Market Salad

You've heard of breakfast for dinner, but what about breakfast for lunch? In a salad, nonetheless. This recipe calls for hard boiled eggs and bacon, and since buying in bulk almost always saves you money, when you're shopping for your breakfast items, go ahead and get the super saver pack of bacon and the two-for-one eggs. Throw in some green beans from last night's dinner and a handful of fresh herbs from your garden, and serve over your choice of greens.


Fajita Salad

All those bright colors make for one beautiful salad.
All those bright colors make for one beautiful salad.

Last night's fajitas ingredients are perfect for a delicious salad today. Just make a little extra meat and veggies to pop in the fridge with the leftovers. Peppers, especially red, orange and yellow, can get pretty pricey at the store. Planting a few pepper plants at the beginning of season can yield peppers all summer for your recipes. Not only are they most delicious right off the vine, but it will save you a good bit at the supermarket. This recipe calls for the addition of garbanzo beans for a little extra fiber.


Chicken Salad

When you light up the grill tonight, make space for a few extra chicken breasts for a quick and easy chicken salad tomorrow. Or, if you're picking up a rotisserie chicken for dinner, pick the rest of the meat off the bone that you don't eat. This yummy recipe has a simple ingredients list, most of which you can probably find in your fridge.


Rigatoni Salad

This is definitely not your average pasta salad.
This is definitely not your average pasta salad.

Who knew that pasta night could result in a delicious salad the next day? Pasta, especially of the whole wheat variety, is a healthful and filling addition to the predictable salad made of greens and vegetables. To add a little sweet goodness, this recipe calls for snow peas and cherry tomatoes, along with yellow bell pepper. Top with Italian dressing and a little bit of grated parmesan cheese.


Red Bean and Corn Salad

This salad isn't made from leftovers, but the ingredients are inexpensive and it couldn't be easier to put together. This recipe calls for a can of red beans and veggies, which can be bought fresh or frozen. Fresh will cost you a little more time and money, so you can opt to buy the frozen veggie medley of corn, onion and bell peppers. Lime juice, canola oil and a little cumin make for a tasty dressing.


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