10 Simple Homemade Soups

What's better than a hot bowl of homemade soup when it's chilly outside? See more healthy soups and sandwiches pictures.
Eriko Koga/Getty Images

When the leaves start falling from the trees and we feel a nip in the air, most of us begin to crave hearty, cozy foods. What cold-weather fare comforts and warms the soul more than soup? It's the perfect belly-warmer for those low temps, and just holding a hot mug of the concoction thaws out chilled hands.

Another benefit of soup is that it's easy to make and requires minimal prep time. You can stir up a big batch of your favorite recipe, eat some now and freeze some for later. A simmering pot of soup fills the house with a mouth-watering aroma, and it actually does provide some medicinal benefits, in addition to vitamins and nutrients, when we're sick. What's not to love?

On the next few pages, you'll find 10 of our favorite, simple homemade soups.