10 Terrific Fall Foods

Nothing says fall quite like homemade pumpkin pie. See more pictures of holiday baked goods.
Ryan McVay/Getty Images

Every year when the leaves change color and temperatures fall, taste buds invariably start to crave fall-specific foods and flavors. Although summertime boasts a variety of delicious foods (ice cream, anyone?), cooler weather is the perfect time to enjoy piping-hot dishes and seasonal items not as readily available during other times of the year. With the holidays quickly approaching, many menus change to include dishes fit for special occasions or tailgate parties. As the mercury continues to dip, hearty stews, soups and hot beverages help warm up cold noses. We've put together a list of our favorite fall foods. Grab a snack before proceeding, though. Just reading about some of them will no doubt set stomachs rumbling and mouths watering.