10 Terrific Fall Foods


Pie: The Number One Terrific Fall Food

Pecan pie often shows up at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Pecan pie often shows up at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Sweet or savory, pie has a history that dates back to medieval times. Historians believe that the pie shell (arguably, the best part of the dish) dates back to the Greeks, who were believed to be the first to make pastry by mixing flour and water. The first pies were more savory than sweet. Cooks in medieval England filled pastry shells with meat and fruits like currants and dates. The first pumpkin pie recipe appears in cookbook dating back to 1675, but this and other sweet pies didn't begin to appear in American cookbooks until the 17th century [source: Mayer].

While some might argue that pie is a dish for all seasons, certain pies show up more often than others on fall tables. Pumpkin pie may be the all-time fall pie, but others like maple-almond, pecan, peanut butter brownie, caramel apple, cranberry cherry and sweet potato are also cool-weather favorites.

Find lots more fall food information, including 25 perfect fall pie recipes, below.

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