5 Tips for Saving Fresh Tomatoes

Pickle 'Em
Like regular pickles, pickled tomatoes have a long shelf life.
Like regular pickles, pickled tomatoes have a long shelf life.

Although it might sound daunting, pickling tomatoes is actually quite simple. Plus, they make excellent and nutritious snacks that can easily last up to a month if refrigerated.

To pickle green tomatoes, all you need are jars and some brine, which is made by boiling water and vinegar with pickling or sea salt (but you can add additional seasonings and additives if you wish). Simply quarter the tomatoes and place them in covered, brine-filled jars for about a week. Sounds easy enough, right?

Pickled red tomatoes differ slightly from the green variety because the finished product is not as firm or crunchy. Before jarring them with brine, red tomatoes should be blanched, as it firms up the interior flesh and loosens the skin. To do this, simply dip the tomatoes in boiling water for about 30 seconds, then put each one immediately into cold water. The peels should easily come off when you're ready to eat.

Fresh tomatoes are always in demand, and these methods allow you to enjoy them all year round.

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