5 Uses for Leftover Mashed Potatoes


Pierogies are a Slavic type of dumpling. To create them, you make a simple dough from flour, water and egg, roll it out and then cut it into circles. Next, you place a spoonful of filling on each circle, fold it in half, crimp the edges with your fingers, then boil. Pierogies can also be fried in butter or baked in the oven.

Pierogi fillings vary widely, depending on a person's cultural background or personal taste. But some of the more common fillings are sauerkraut, cheese, prunes and, of course, mashed potatoes. When mashed potatoes are part of the mix, they're often combined with other ingredients before they're folded into the pierogies. Some good choices include cheese, onions, bacon, chives and fresh herbs.

If the dough sounds like too much work, purchase pasta sheets in the grocery store, then cut them into circles using a drinking glass or small bowl.