5 Variations on Holiday Fruitcake

Holiday Baked Goods Image Gallery Fruitcake may bring thoughts of bricks and broken teeth, but try these delicious variations for this holiday staple. See more pictures of holiday baked goods.

What's full of jellied fruit, a variety of nuts and frequently used as a doorstop? If you guessed fruitcake, you're right on the nose. Traditional fruitcake has gotten a bit of a bad rap over the years. With old-timer ingredients like jellied nuts and brandy, it has a reputation for being a holiday cake that only a great-grandmother could love. The gist of a traditional holiday fruitcake is a plentiful mixture of dried and sugar-coated fruits and nuts with just enough cake batter to keep it all together. And it's heavily preserved with alcohol, giving it a long shelf-life and the density of a brick. But don't dismiss it too quickly, because we have some recipes with modern twists to funk up your fruitcake.