10 Vegetarian Easter Meal Options

The Sweet Stuff
Who could resist these festive Easter cupcakes?
Who could resist these festive Easter cupcakes?

Ahh, dessert. It doesn't matter if you're a strict vegetarian or a dedicated meat-eater, everyone seems to agree on the sweet stuff. Best of all, most desserts are vegetarian-friendly anyway, so you don't really have to go out of your way to come up with something special. However, you've come this far, right? You might as well use some of your veggie-powered knowledge of seasonal fruits to concoct a fresh and fabulous dessert.

If you get stumped, look to your fruit bowl for inspiration. You can make strawberry or fig pie that everyone is sure to love, or serve dishes of sliced oranges and chocolate for a unique and delicious treat. Rhubarb is also currently in season, so rhubarb pie isn't out of the question. For a real time-saver in the dessert department, re-serve the fresh fruit you had out for an appetizer with a dollop of whipped cream.

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